Incredible Superpowers From a First-Time Dad



As Dads, we all have superpowers. We may not have discovered all of them yet, but they exist. Just ask your family! 

I'm a first-time dad with a beautiful 1-year old girl and it's been the most exciting adventure yet. This is coming from a serial entrepreneur who loves to start new projects and has emails flooding in like a monsoon. Being a stay-home-dad and a work-from-home dad requires speed, agility and quickness.

So, let's get to my superpowers.

My family told me their favorite superpower of mine: The ability to move at the speed of light. I'd say it's a combination of lightspeed movement and telepathy, you know being able to read minds. These are incredibly valuable superpowers because my baby is a human vacuum cleaner. She'll be crawling around the kitchen and eating everything she sees and licking her fingers. Yikes! Just thinking about all the dirt and germs that could be laying around any of our surfaces is scary. 

With every superhero comes a sidekick, and mine is a good old canister of Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes. Because they do the job I can’t do, and that’s kill 99.99% of bacteria and cold and flu viruses. When you have clean surfaces for your baby girl to crawl around on, nothing can get in her way!  

When she's not eating rice grains and toilet paper, you can find her army crawling her way across the living room floor and flying up the stairs with a hysterical laugh. 

This summer, Clorox is partnering with Disney/Pixar for the release of Incredibles 2, a superhero tale that celebrates the powers of working and stay-at-home parents alike.

Use your parenting superpowers and visit to enter a Disney Pixar and Clorox sweepstakes to win a trip to NYC to see the coolest sights in the city and go on a super shopping spree at The Disney Store in Times Square, among other great prizes.

Charles KohComment