A Day at Home with a Newborn


Sorry to break it to ya, but the rumors are true. Your days of sleeping are officially over. This is not a drill, you are officially a father (or mother) and your responsibilities are of the child unless you're a horrible human being. But, don't get discouraged, you'll get a few surprises during the early stages of the newborn stage, a few smiles, blowouts, and maybe even 4 hours of sleep if you're lucky.

Crying, feeding, burping, pooping, repeat. 

Here is an average day with my newborn (two months old now). This sh*t is not easy, but you will get used to being a Zombie.

  • 11PM - 12PM: Try to sleep.
  • 3:00AM - Alarm goes off to wake up baby and feed. Your first few months will be to timely feed baby every 3 hours. This is because babies don't know when to wake up nor have a basis of time yet. This may be the hardest hour to wake up for me because I'm in Zombie mode. We switched from breast milk to formula, blog post on this later). 3 oz of water + 1.5 scoops of the formula powder. You start shaking to get all the clumps out, then speed walk back over. You start feeding, typically takes about 15 - 20 minutes. 
  • 3:30AM - After feeding, it's important to burp baby, gently pat her back, walk around until she belches. After she burps, I spend another 15 minutes to ensure all the milk is down the pipes. 
  • 4:30AM -  Time to go back to sleep. 
  • 6:00AM - It's time to feed again. 
  • 7:00AM - Time to change the diapers. You'll be a pro at this in no time. One hand to lift both legs up, one hand to wipe, and bam you're done. 
  • 9:00AM - Repeat after me: Feed, Burp, Clean Poop, repeat.

Enjoy the newborn stage!